Tragedy: Man, 49, Dies Following 2nd Moderna Shot After Doctors Forced Him to Take Vaccine to Remain on Lung Transplant List

by Adan Salazar

The wife of a Texas man is sounding the alarm after her husband died following his second Covid jab, which doctors told him was necessary to remain on the lung transplant recipient list.

Speaking to the Children’s Health Defense, the wife of Bobby Bolin, Amy, said she was appalled by the doctor’s orders that ignored her husband’s medical history and ultimately cost him his life.

“In the medical field, your goal is supposed to be to improve and save people’s lives, and instead you’re giving them one option — you either do this or you can’t get a life-saving transplant,” Amy said.

The bereaved wife says her husband, who suffered a rare medical condition called COPA syndrome, felt compelled to take the second jab in order to live.

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“He knew that without lungs he was not going to live because his lungs were failing him. But look at what happened by making that choice.”

After Bolin’s condition worsened and a stent was inserted to alleviate blockage of an artery, doctors determined he should be a candidate for a double-lung transplant.

“Once Bolin was finally approved for new lungs, he was told he would have to get vaccinated against COVID in order to be an eligible candidate for the transplant, even though he had already recovered from the virus,” reports Children’s Health Defense.

Amy “pushed back pretty hard with the transplant team,” and demanded to know why they would require the controversial jab for Bobby who was already immunocompromised and likely had Covid antibodies.

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