Navy SEALS File Federal Lawsuit Against Biden For Rejecting Religious Objections to Vaccine Mandate

by Adan Salazar

Over 30 members of the US Navy, including several elite NAVY SEALs, have launched a lawsuit suing key members of the Biden administration for refusing to honor religious objections to its unconstitutional vaccine edict.

In a suit filed Tuesday in a US District Court, the unnamed Navy members, including 26 Navy SEALs, 5 Navy Special Warfare crewmen and 3 divers, seek relief after they claim the Biden administration violated their rights to reject vaccine mandates by denying their Constitutionally-protected right to freedom of religion.

Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro and the US Department of Defense are listed as defendants.

According to the lawsuit, the servicemen were subjected to retaliation and intimidation by the Navy after refusing the mandatory vaccines, despite filing religious objections, with one vaccine order, “Trident Order #12,” outright stating those members would be “medically disqualified.”

Moreover, the plaintiffs take issue with the fact that the vaccines were developed and tested using aborted fetal cell lines, which goes against their sincerely held religious beliefs.

“Plaintiffs believe that receiving a Covid-19 vaccine that was tested, developed, or produced using aborted fetal cell lines would force them to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs by causing them to participate in the abortion enterprise, which they believe to be immoral and highly offensive to God,” the lawsuit states.

Additionally, the plaintiffs take issue with the fact the vaccines induce a foreign “spike protein” in the body, which they believe desecrates God’s creation.

“In accordance with their sincerely held religious belief, multiple Plaintiffs carefully monitor what they take into their bodies, and they are compelled to avoid anything that adversely alters or may modify their bodies’ natural functions in a manner not designed by God…

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