WATCH: Election Worker ‘Allows Non-Citizen To Fill Out Ballot’ In Tight New Jersey Race

by RT

An undercover video released by Project Veritas has shown a poll worker allowing a man claiming to be a non-citizen to fill out a ballot for the New Jersey gubernatorial race that was called for Democrat incumbent Phil Murphy.

The footage, filmed in Essex County, features an undercover journalist for the conservative outlet, clad in a bright safety vest, explaining to poll workers that he is from Ireland and in the US on a work visa, but voted in the presidential election of 2020. 

After he is told he cannot cast a ballot in the governor’s race as a non-registered voter, another poll official claims to “remember” him. 

“Remember? We were allowing anyone to come in,” she says to her colleague. After some back and forth between the workers, the journalist receives a ballot. 

“I’ll let you completely fill out a ballot now. Whether or not it’s going to count, I don’t know,” one worker tells him, later adding, “Listen, we’ll let you do it.”

According to New Jersey election laws, a non-citizen cannot vote in an election nor can they register to vote, and providing a ballot to someone not entitled to vote is prohibited. It’s unclear if the ballot in the video was actually counted or was simply a provisional ballot that was later jettisoned.

Veritas’ video has caused a stir in the wake of Murphy’s projected victory over Republican Jack Ciattarelli in New Jersey – a contrast to the Republican gains in Virginia this week.

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