Tragic: 28-Year-Old Bodybuilder Dies “Unexpectedly” Four Days After Moderna Vaccine

by Adan Salazar

A 28-year-old bodybuilder died “unexpectedly” four days after receiving his second dose of Moderna’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine, posts on social media reveal.

Facebook update shows FedEx driver Jake Kazmarek from Rochester, New York, received his second Moderna jab on Sept. 28.

“Boom done is what it is,” Kazmarek wrote. “U can hold out as long as u want but you won’t have much freedom I’m over it I did it . Does it make me a sheep ? No . I have asthma and I’m a uncle to some awesome little kids u don’t like it . Uk what to do” [sic]

In a subsequent update the following day, Kazmarek highlighted an article from the McGill University in Quebec, Canada, titled, “I Felt Sick After Getting a Vaccine. Why?

The article attempts to explain the phenomenon of side effects following vaccination, though nervously concludes with, “There is too little data to know if getting side effects like fatigue and fever after receiving a vaccine means that the vaccine is doing its job and you will gain sufficient protection against the virus itself.”

“Just some info,” Kazmarek’s post was captioned; the contents of the article shared suggests he may have been experiencing an adverse reaction.

Fast-forward three days later and an obituary from the Thomas E. Burger Funeral Home states Kazmarek died on October 2.

In screenshots of a Facebook update posted by Kazmarek’s wife in a women’s weightlifting group, she commented that Kazmarek “passed away unexpectedly.”

While it’s unclear whether the Covid jab was ultimately behind the bodybuilder’s demise, a similar unexpected death happened to a healthy Utah mom back in March days after receiving her second Moderna dose.

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