Hundreds Of General Electric & Lockheed Martin Employees Walk Out In Protest Of Vax Mandate

by Kelen McBreen

Hundreds of employees working for General Electric and Lockheed Martin in Greenville, South Carolina walked out on Thursday to protest the companies for mandating Covid vaccinations.

The corporations believe they are subject to a federal government mandate President Biden enacted via executive order that requires all federal contractors to be vaccinated.

Following the demonstration, a GE spokesperson said, “As a federal contractor, GE is complying with the executive order which requires employees of federal contractors to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All GE U.S. employees will be fully vaccinated or receive a medical or religious accommodation by December 8th as required in the order.”

However, multiple GOP attorneys general argue the executive order hasn’t gone into effect and is therefore not enforceable.

“No such rule or regulation is currently in effect,” Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen recently wrote in a letter, adding, “there has been a great deal of confusion” since the mandate was announced.

An employee named Shannon Harrill, who has been working at GE for over 20 years, told Greenville News, “We worked as an essential employee through the entire COVID pandemic. We were required to be here and lose our job. Now you’re requiring me to take it to stay here.”

“What we need is Gov. (Henry) McMaster to do what he said he was going to do — which is stand up against the federal mandate,” another employee said. 

Look for movements like this to pop up around the nation as more employers bow to the federal government’s limp-wristed “mandates”.

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