Video Claims To Show Metallic ‘String’ Wiggling After Being Removed From Vaccinated Person’s Body

by Andrew White | National File

Video claims to show what appears to be metallic looking string capable of movement after it was extracted from a US soldiers body was revealed on the Stew Peters Show.

During an interview between Stew Peters and a woman named Amanda, who says she is the wife of a US soldier who was required to receive the controversial vaccine, Peters aired video appearing to show what was described by Peters’ guest as a metallic parasitic-looking “organism” that was extracted from the vaccinated soldiers body.

“They think that they have found tiny little metallic strings coming out of his body,” said Peters. “They have video which they believe shows one of those strings trying to wiggle out of a tweezers, back into the body.”

According to Amanda, her husband was given a metallic clay bath following a bad vaccine reaction, and subsequently through a holistic detoxification regimen. Following the treatment, the couple believes that they’ve found “metallic strings” coming out of his body, and says they captured one in a video that appears to show the string wiggling toward human contact.


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