San Francisco Prepares To Suspend Cops And Firefighters Who Refuse To Disclose Vaccination Status

by Zero Hedge

San Francisco is preparing to suspend nearly two-dozen employees with the police, fire, and sheriff’s departments who have refused to disclose their vaccination status, while hundreds of employees from other departments are about to be similarly put on notice, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The city sent notifications to 20 employees in the police, fire and sheriff’s departments for failing to meet an Aug. 12 disclosure deadline, while employees from other departments – including Public Health and the Municipal Transportation Agency, could receive similar letters next week.

The city is recommending a 10-day unpaid suspension for 11 Police Department employees, seven Fire Department employees and two employees in the Sheriff’s Department.

“The health and well being of city employees and the public we serve are top priorities during our emergency response to COVID-19,” reads the letter which was obtained by the Chronicle. “Your failure to comply with the vaccination status reporting requirement endangers the health and safety of the city’s workforce and the public we serve.”

The letters will arrive as San Francisco grapples with a surge in coronavirus cases fueled by the delta variant, with the unvaccinated making up the overwhelming majority of those who are hospitalized or killed by the virus. The data shows that the vaccines are extremely safe and very effective at preventing severe COVID-19.

San Francisco was the first large city in the country to require all municipal employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, unless they have a valid religious or medical exemption. All employees had to report their vaccination status to the city by Aug. 12, and those without valid exemptions must be inoculated 10 weeks after the Food and Drug Administration fully approves the vaccines. The Department of Human Resources already gave employees a two-week extension to report their status. -SF Chronicle

According to the report, the city says that failure to get the jab could eventually lead to firings

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