Judge Orders Man to Get COVID Injection or Face Jail Time

Man convicted of drug possession fighting COVID shot as condition of probation

A man convicted of drug possession has been ordered by an Ohio judge to receive an experimental COVID injection or go to jail, according to reports.

Hamilton County Judge Christopher Wagner told Brandon Rutherford, 21, he must get vaccinated within 60 days as a condition of probation for fentanyl possession — or face up to 18 months in jail.Now that you’re intellectually ahead, stay physically ahead by visiting our store.

“I don’t plan on getting it. I don’t want it,” Rutherford told local media following a recent hearing.

“So, for him to tell me that I have to get it in order for me to not violate my probation is crazy because I’m just trying to do what I can to get off this as quickly as possible, like finding a job and everything else, but that little thing can set me back.”

Judge Wagner justified his decision by likening it to other court-mandated orders pertaining to drug treatment or mental health counseling.

“The court’s responsibility when issuing a community control sanction is to rehabilitate the defendant and protect the community,” Wagner asserted in a statement sent to WCPO.

“Judges make decisions regularly regarding a defendant’s physical and mental health, such as ordering drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment.”

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