London Mayor Sadiq Khan Wants To Make It Illegal To Ride Trains Unmasked

by Steve Watson

The mayor of London Sadiq Khan is lobbying the government to make it illegal to get on the London underground train system without wearing a mask.

Since July 19th it has not been legally mandatory to wear masks on public transport in the UK, however some train companies have decided to impose their own mandates, and now Khan is seeking to go even further with the underground, which is used by almost 4 million people per day.

Khan wants to make it a criminal offence, punishable by fines, to get on a tube train without wearing a mask.

The mayor told the BBC “We are trying to lobby the Government to allow us to bring in a bye-law, so it will be the law again, so we can issue fixed penalty notices and we can use the police service and BTP to enforce this.”

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