Trump Posts Proof Of Fraudulent 2020 Election: “Something Must Be Done Immediately!”

President Donald Trump issued a statement on Tuesday praising retired Army intelligence captain Seth Keshel for a new report showing the 2020 election was stolen and warning about the current destruction of America.

OANN host Natalie Harp tweeted out the Trump statement.

“Highly respected Army intelligence captain, Seth Keshel, has just released his Report on National Fraud Numbers with respect to the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump began.

“I don’t personally know Captain Keshel but these numbers are overwhelming, election changing, and according to Keshel, could be even bigger in that they do not account for cyber-flipping of votes. They show I won the election—By A LOT!”

Trump continued, “Now watch the Democrats coalesce, defame, threaten, investigate, jail people, and do whatever they have to do to keep the truth from surfacing, and let the Biden Administration continue to get away with destroying our Country. The irregularities and outright fraud of this election are an open wound to the United States of America. Something must be done—immediately!”


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