Pennsylvania State Senator Responds to Gov. Wolf & Dem Leaders Attempting to Block Forensic Audit

by Jamie White

Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano (R) initiated a forensic audit of the 2020 election in several counties last week, drawing the ire of Governor Tom Wolf and other Democrat leaders.

The Pennsylvania Department of State attempted to block the audit, issuing a directive Friday to county election boards not to cooperate with the Senate’s audit.

“It also jeopardizes the security and integrity of the systems and will prevent electronic voting system vendors from affirming that the systems continue to meet Commonwealth security standards and U.S. Election Assistance Commission certification,” Acting Secretary of State Veronica W. Degraffenreid wrote.

Mastriano, a former U.S. Army colonel, responded to the PA State Department on Monday, calling its directive a “convergence of scare tactics” to “obstruct a forensic investigation.”

“On Friday, the Acting Secretary of State issued a veiled threat disguised as a ‘directive’ to all 67 counties in Pennsylvania,” Mastriano wrote. “This threat implied that any county who participates in a forensic investigation and allows access of electronic voting systems to ‘third party entities not directly involved in the conduct of elections’ will have their machines automatically decertified and retired before the next election.”

“What we are seeing is a convergence of scare tactics from Wolf Administration and the Attorney General to intimidate county officials and obstruct a forensic investigation.”

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