Boy, 13, Dies in Sleep Three Days After 2nd Dose of Pfizer Covid Vaccine

The CDC has launched an investigation after a healthy 13-year-old boy in Michigan died from a heart condition while asleep just days after receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine.

News of Saginaw County resident Jacob Clynick’s death was spread on social media late last month, with a woman posting a picture of her nephew’s vaccine card to Twitter claiming he died after his second Covid shot.

“The initial autopsy results (done Friday) were that his heart was enlarged and there was some fluid surrounding it. He had no known health problems. Was on no medications,” Tami Burages wrote. (Despite the death, Burages said she would still vaccinate her 14-year-old daughter.)

The vaccine card shows Clynick received his second Pfizer dose at a Walgreens clinic on June 13.

According to family members, the boy who was otherwise healthy and had no previous known underlying health conditions complained of fatigue and fever days prior to his death.

“On the night of June 15,  he had a bit of a stomach ache, too, but it wasn’t severe enough to cause serious concern,” reports Detroit Free Press.

“Jacob went to sleep that night, and never woke up.”

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