Shock Study: Scientists Implant Uterus In Male Rat, Make It Give Birth

Chinese scientists have successfully forced male rats to give birth, in a nightmarish experiment that would have been regarded as appalling just a few years back.

In a new study from the Naval Medical University in Shanghai, researchers explained in horrific detail how they castrated a male rat, conjoined him with a female rat, then transplanted a uterus into him which they later delivered a baby rat from via caesarean section.

“Here we investigated the question of whether male pregnancy with livebirths can be achieved in a rat model if the speculative problems were solved by existing methods,” the study’s introduction states.

“The success rate of modeling was only 3.68%, but 10 pups could still be delivered from male [conjoined rat] and developed,” the researchers excitedly reported in a study published at

“For the first time, a mammalian animal model of male pregnancy was constructed by us,” the scientists wrote.

“Our research reveals the possibility of normal embryonic development in male mammalian animals, and it may have a profound impact on the research of reproductive biology.”

The jaw-dropping experiment, ostensibly carried out in the name of science, reportedly advances work done in a previous study at the NYU School of Medicine, where researchers explored the possibility of uterus transplantation in “women who are genetically XY;” in other words, men.

In that study, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, researchers claimed it was important for transgenders to have “equitable access to uterine transplants.”


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