Model Dies Days After Receiving AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

by Adan Salazar

British model Stephanie Dubois died from a blood clot days after receiving AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine.

According to Cypriot media, Dubois, 39, suffered a “serious thrombotic episode” on May 14 and needed to hospitalized after receiving her first Covid dose on May 6.

“It is understood she suffered a brain hemorrhage and was in a coma before she died on Saturday afternoon,” reports the Cyprus Mail.

Days after taking the jab, Dubois, who health officials said had no underlying health conditions, reportedly described feeling under the weather.

“So I had the vaccination today! I hate needles, today was no exception . . . And now I feel horrendous . . . pizza and bed for me,” she wrote on Facebook.

However, her conditioned soon worsened; her body began convulsing involuntarily and she began having difficulty breathing.

Dubois documented the effects on Facebook, saying she believed she was coming down with Covid-19.

“Woke up feeling fine and then within an hour I had fully body shakes, all my joints seized and I was struggling to breathe and was cold to the bone with a persistent headache and dizziness,” Dubois wrote, adding, “I was convinced I’d come down with Covid!”

Later that day, Dubois posted an update theorizing the Covid vaccine might have something to do with her condition.

“I have had my bloods done and there is definitely something off as my white blood cell count is high, but they don’t know what it is causing it,” she documented.

“The doctors here are great and will be checking in with me on Sunday to see how I am doing.”

“Maybe I’m having a prolonged reaction to my Covid jab last week, or maybe those side effects affected my immune system and I’ve caught something else in the process,” she wondered.

“I am completely drained, no energy and my whole body hurts with sore and weak joints… but it is better than it was this morning. This morning really scared me to be honest.”

The European Medicines Agency will investigate the death, according to Newsweek.

Oxford-AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine rollout continued unabated despite over a dozen European countries pausing distribution over reports of blood clots, not to mention several deaths in DenmarkItalyAustriaSouth Korea and Germany.

Meanwhile, the US FDA is still deciding whether to grant AstraZeneca’s vaccine emergency-use authorization like the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson jabs.


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