India’s Public Health Ambassador Dies Day After Taking COVID Vaccine

Story From: Infowars

Popular actor and comedian Vivekh, who also served as India’s public health ambassador to promote vaccination, took the COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN last week at the Tamil Nadu Government Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Chennai, urging many others to also get the jab.

The government hospitals provide healthcare services to the majority of poor people. Many have doubts about vaccination and its side effects. There are also several rumours doing the rounds,” Vivekh told the media after receiving his first COVID0-19 shot.

I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us. And it is not like this vaccination will completely prevent us from getting COVID-19 infection. After the vaccination, even if we catch the virus, there won’t be death. So after vaccination, we should still follow the safety guidelines.”

24 hours later, the 59-year-old Vivekh suffered cardiac arrest

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