The Most Secure Border in history huh?

The Dems keep attempting to get away with illegal migration. They are literally using these kids to get Criminal military aged males from around the world into our country! Let Me Be Clear! America is the immigrant capitol of the world! The United States was founded on it! But “You have to do it the RIGHT way”! The fact that Joe’s Bin-Hiden cancelled the completion of our border wall via: executive ORDER! That was already paid for by the Trump Adm. should be considered an act of treason!

Sometimes I sit back and think, damn why are they attempting to destroy the country that gave them an opportunity? On some real shit, That’s Just fucking Terrible! These Turncoat, Power Hungry, Pussywipped, Pedo dickheads should be put the fuck in prison! convicted of treason and hung by the neck until death for it!

Is it Funny as Fuck that covid has the ability to shut the country completely down “FOR AMERICANS!” but the people coming through the border don’t have to do anything related to covid! no test for regular issues like: TB, hiv, vd, etc. But your life is completely the fuck controlled by an VIRUS that has an 99.6 chance of surviving?! And yall shook by an fake death count! Sheeple! The CDC already said they lied about the fake death numbers! But yall just beg for more KOOLAID! It’s an Terrible Horrible!

Checkout the Project Veritas Video:

Opinion By: A Pissed off Mr.Pi


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