When Social Workers Don’t Show up to work!

When the lack of Social Workers goes Extra Wrong!……lol

Look we know that back the blue is a very touchy subject for some sjw’s. #CivilianTalk actually thanks and appreciates the time and effort spent to ensure our communities are safe. Yes sometimes a couple of bad apples will do some extra shit and cause more harm than good and we denounce those bad apples. But over all the blue normally has your back.

This video will show you how much our communities need people who will put there lives on the line to save yours!

Click the link to watch!


Ps: we love social workers they are a major part of our community and play an vital role in peoples lives. You just cant replace law enforcement with “Them”/ “Social Workers”

  • Video found on: Instagram
  • when a domestic situation goes way left!
  • Defund the police for social workers huh?

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