Governor. “Kristi Noem” Got more balls than 75% of US Governors!

Will somebody come look at this! A Women is Standing up for Women’s “RIGHTS”! Not that fake standing up either! I mean REAL LIFE standing up to the LGBTQ+Pedo’s And Dropping the Hammer on the real issues!

Like chicks getting there skull cracked by:….. Extra Strong Handicap MALES! OR chicks Eating extra thick dust FROM:………. Getting EXTRA BURNT! BY: Extra Fast Handicap MALES! WE Salute Gov. Kristi Noem for standing up to these ” EXTRA SPECIAL” Special Olympics Coordinators

Full Story over at: RT

  • Article by: RT
  • Banning biological males from female sports!
  • Kristi Noem Has Balls!
  • We Need more Governors like her! And I don’t mean the way she dresses!!!!…….. LOL

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