Twitter Files: Dr. Anthony Fauci “Lied Under Oath”

by ZeroHedge April 20th 2023, 1:52 pm

Today’s long-awaited installment of the ‘Twitter Files’ is brought to us by journalist Paul Thacker, former lead investigator for Sen. Chuck Grassley, via The DisInformation Chronicle (emphasis ZeroHedge)

A lot of people are spouting out a lot of things about me and Twitter,” Fauci told Fox News. “I’ve never had a Twitter account. I don’t intend on having a Twitter account, and I’ve had nothing to do with Twitter. So I don’t know what they’re talking about when they say that.”

Fauci made similar claims during an almost 7-hour deposition. While under oath, the then-medical advisor to President Biden denied using Twitter or even paying attention to social media.

“I don’t do social media.”

“Since I don’t have a Twitter account, I don’t see tweets.”

“I’m so dissociated from social media … I’ve never gotten involved in any of that.”

“The social media and Twitter, I told you, I don’t have a Twitter account. I don’t tweet. I don’t do Facebook. I don’t do anything.”

Not true according to a new Twitter File uncovered during a visit to Twitter’s San Francisco HQ that shows Anthony Fauci…taking over the White House’s Twitter account. “Dr. Anthony Fauci did an account takeover for @WHCOVIDResponse,” reads a Twitter internal COVID-19 monthly update.

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