RINO Lawmakers Melt Down Over Tucker Carlson’s Release of Hidden Jan. 6 Footage

by Jamie White March 7th 2023, 3:09 pm

The usual cadre of squishy RINO Republicans decried Tucker Carlson’s release of January 6 footage that was withheld from the public which directly refuted the phony “insurrection” narrative.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) led the RINO charge against Carlson for airing footage from the Capitol that had been hidden from the public for years, citing a letter sent to the U.S. Capitol Police force by Chief Thomas Manger, who denounced Carlson for spreading “offensive and misleading conclusions.”

“I want to associate myself entirely with the opinion of the chief and the Capitol Police about what happened on January 6,” McConnell said as he held up a copy of the letter. “It was a mistake, in my view, for Fox News to depict this in a way that’s completely at variance with what our chief law enforcement official here at the Capitol thinks.”

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