CCP Issues Location, Temperature-Monitoring Bracelets to Beijing Residents Returning from Other Cities

by Adan Salazar July 15th 2022, 1:27 pm

Beijing residents returning to the city from other places are being issued electronic bracelets that monitor body temperature and track location data.

The bracelets are reportedly mandated by the Chinese Communist Party to be worn 24/7, and can only be removed while showering, or to replace batteries, reports Chinese human rights activist Jennifer Zeng.

According to the CCP, the purpose of the bracelets, which upload data to accompanying phone apps, is to help the government fight the spread of Covid-19.

You must wear it all the time except when you recharge the battery or have a shower.
The purpose? To fight the #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus, according to the #CCP.— Jennifer Zeng 曾錚 (@jenniferatntd) July 15, 2022

Reuters also reports Beijing residents returning from domestic travel are being asked to wear the bio-surveillance trackers during mandatory home quarantine periods.

Chinese authorities have also “fit doors with movement sensors to monitor their movements but until now have not widely discussed the use of electronic bracelets.”

Numerous posts on the Chinese social media app Weibo are purportedly highly suspicious of the bracelets, with various users likening them to internet-connected handcuffs and calling them “excessive.”

Reuters reports many of those posts “were removed by Thursday afternoon, as well as a related hashtag that had garnered over 30 million views, generating an animated discussion on the platform.”

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