TOP SECRET: How the Illuminati and their Allies and Friends are Preparing for Societal Collapse!

by Leo Zagami | June 29th 2022, 12:31 pm

The helicopter flies over you, carrying the elite to the airport; but not to the part where normal folks are forced to go through security, where we take our shoes off, and if required have our temperatures taken and whatnot. They go to the other side, where all the sleek jets are parked. Their pilot awaits and they fly off to their enormous compounds in remote areas of the world where they have food supplies stocked to last decades, personal doctors, medical supplies, etc., etc. Their private security personnel guard the gates which are out of sight of the main compound, often by many miles, but now things are getting even more creepy because the elite of the New World Order is preparing for a societal collapse in ways unheard of before.

As COVID-19 made landfall in 2020, the super-rich in New York City went to their second, third, or fourth homes. Whichever they thought best. I assure you that small airports in places such as Kalispell, MT, were packed with private jets in the middle of the plandemic.

Other super-rich elite have bought condos in former ballistic missile silos, where the smallest one goes for $1.5 million for 900 square feet. If you desire more Daniel Boone elbow room, you can shop instead for $4.5 million 3,600 square feet silo and get an entire floor, which also has a gym, a movie theater, and many more amenities. Earlier this year, ambitious Japanese scientists revealed plans to build a gigantic Ocean Spiral City under the sea that would let the elite use the deep sea for resources and live next to colossal octopuses. The Ocean Spiral City, designed by the engineering firm Shimizu Corporation, looks a bit like the Eden Project attached to a helter-skelter or a Turkey Twizzler. It would rely on the resources of the ocean to operate and sail slowly and comfortably around the world, 2.5 miles beneath the surface of the water. While earth experiences societal collapse with war, pestilence, famine, economic collapse, population decline, and mass migration, the elite can still enjoy life as usual in the deep sea.

First unveiled in 2014, the Ocean Spiral City was tipped to be ready for its first 5,000 residents by 2030[1]. But this is not the only solution the elite have been working on in recent years as a collapsed society may revert all of us to a more primitive state of living, the elites find new ways of avoiding the impending collapse.

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