Trump Warns Nuclear War With Russia ‘More Likely to Happen Than Not’ Thanks To Biden

by Kelen McBreen

Donald Trump issued a stark warning to the world on Monday night, posting a message to his new Truth Social media website.

“I never thought, in my wildest imagination, that the United States would be involved in a Nuclear War,” Trump started his statement. “Now, however, because of our leaders rhetoric and very poor choice of words, it is perhaps more likely to happen than not.

Continuing, Trump insisted the Ukraine war wouldn’t have happened if he were president and asked if China will invade Taiwan soon.

“Russia/Ukraine would NEVER have happened under a TRUMP Administration. Now there are fewer cards to play, but still very playable. China up next?”

Trump echoed this sentiment during an interview with radio talk show host John Fredericks on Monday, saying, “Our country has probably never been worse than it is right now. I think we’re in the greatest danger ever of a nuclear war

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