Jan. 6 Protester Acquitted of All Charges After Judge ‘Reasonably Believed’ Capitol Police Allowed Him Into Building

by Jamie White

A January 6 protester has been found not guilty of all charges after a federal judge said he “reasonably believed” the Capitol police let him into the building during the protest.

US District Judge Trevor McFadden found New Mexico resident Matthew Martin not guilty on all four misdemeanor charges on Wednesday, calling his behavior during the Capitol breach “minimal and non-serious.”

“People were streaming by, and the officers made no attempt to stop the people,” McFadden said. “I do think the defendant reasonably believed the officers allowed him into the Capitol.”

McFadden made a point not to blame the officers, claiming “they acted responsibly and reasonably throughout” the event despite being “grossly outnumbered.”

Video taken from the Capitol “breach” appears to show police ushering protesters into the building:

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