Video: Gingrich Says Kamala Harris “May Be The Dumbest Person Ever Elected Vice President”

by Steve Watson

Appearing on Fox News Monday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich declared that Kamala Harris “may be the dumbest person ever elected Vice President” following another bizarre speech from Harris earlier in the week.

Referring to Joe Biden and Harris, Gingrich proclaimed “You know, he may or may not have cognitive decline problems at his age, but at her age, she’s just dumb.”

“Let’s be clear, Kamala Harris may be the dumbest person ever elected vice president in American history and that’s why people keep resigning,” Gingrich further asserted, referring to Harris’s office losing yet another official this week in national security advisor Nancy McEldowney.

Gingrich continued, “If you were her national security advisor, and you were competent, and you’d worked hard, and you knew what you were doing, and you watched her in Poland break up laughing when she’s asked about Ukrainian refugees, you had to feel a sense of total humiliation,” Gingrich further exclaimed.

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