Caitlyn Jenner says trans UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas ‘was taking it EASY’ so she wouldn’t break world record

by Daily Mail

Caitlyn Jenner slammed the NCAA for ‘not being tough enough’ over its decision to allow transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas to compete in its national championships this week – and claimed the 22-year-old ‘was taking it easy’ so she wouldn’t smash Katie Ledecky’s world record.  

Jenner, 72, who competed in the 1976 Olympics as Bruce Jenner and transitioned to female in 2015, said she has ‘no problem with Lia Thomas,’ but rather blames the NCAA for going ‘all the way up to the Olympic Committee.’ 

‘[Thomas’] playing within the rules. What I’ve said from the beginning [are] the rules aren’t tough enough,’ Jenner said of the hot button issue on Fox News. ‘Just being on testosterone depressants for a year or two, whatever the rules are now, they keep changing, obviously, it is not enough.’ 



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