World Economic Forum Wargames How To Push Digital ID, Vaccine Passports

by Jamie White

A new document by the World Economic Forum (WEF) outlines how to introduce the world population to a digital ID system based on technology that will someday be “embedded in the skin.”

The 46-page document called “Advancing Digital Agency: The Power of Data Intermediaries” claims that because a digital ID will be used for authentication in virtually every aspect of your life – from financial services to travel and commerce – the technology could “enhance privacy protection” and “reduce rise of identity fraud.”

But if you dig deeper, the document goes on to explain how a digital ID won’t be used just for authentication, but also to record biometric attributes, credit and medical histories, online and purchasing behaviors, and even to control the ability to travel.

The WEF cites the widely unpopular vaccine passport as a “form of digital ID” the globalist body calls an “incredible public health asset” that “verifies” your private health information.

Such vaccine passports are used when travelling between jurisdictions and at a local level, such as when entering dining establishments or other places where proof of vaccination status is necessary. Importantly, these intermediaries provide a means of verifying status without sharing health data with the establishment per se, in a sort of zero-knowledge proof scenario whereby the trusted data intermediary verifies that the data subject is vaccinated but does not share any other information. This avoids unwanted secondary effects of the establishment sharing the data any further.

As we’ve reported, the digital ID is a key component of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, which aims to transform the world’s economy and institutions into a global communist New World Order, where private property and free market enterprise no longer exist.

Another aspect of the digital ID and Great Reset, according to WEF founder and transhumanist Klaus Schwab, is to merge the physical, digital, and biological worlds to fundamentally change “what it means to be human.”

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