Short-Staffed California Using Covid-Positive Hospital Workers After Firing Unvaxxed Staff

by Kelen McBreen

Democrat policies continue to destroy once-great American cities and states

Around the nation, liberal leaders are failing their constituents

With Covid hospitalizations surging in California, the state has decided to allow asymptomatic hospital staffers who are Covid-positive to return to work.

In a statement issued to NBC Bay Area on Saturday, the California Department of Public Health declared, “The department is providing temporary flexibility to help hospitals and emergency services providers respond to an unprecedented surge and staffing shortages. Hospitals have to exhaust all other options before resorting to this temporary tool. Facilities and providers using this tool, should have asymptomatic COVID-19 positive workers interact only with COVID-19 positive patients to the extent possible.”

Sandy Reding, the president of the California Nurses Association, warned, “We are very concerned. If you have health care workers who are COVID positive care for vulnerable populations, we can spread the COVID virus inside the hospital as well.”

California National Nurses President Zenei Triunfo-Cortez called the move, “A major disaster waiting to happen.”

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