Leftist Hack Claims That If Any White Person Is Using The Word ‘Woke’, It’s A “Racial Slur”

by Steve Watson

A writer with Slate has declared that the word ‘woke’ when used by a white person should be treated as a racial slur because it was “shoplifted” from the “black community”.

It’s the latest narrative in the debate over cancel culture.

It is no longer credible to declare that cancel culture doesn’t exist, and so the left has reverted to what it knows best, baseless accusations of racism and bigotry.

Along with a tacit threat, Slate hack Joel Anderson tweeted “If you’re not black and started using ‘woke’ pejoratively sometime post-2018 or so (or worse, don’t know anything about the earlier iteration of the term), I think it’s fair to consider it a racial slur.”

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