Australia: Police Harass Resident For Going To Anti-Lockdown Protest ‘Six Months Ago’

Disturbing video out of the COVID penal colony Australia shows police officers harassing a resident over his social media posts criticizing the country’s draconian lockdown measures.

Footage shows two officers confronting a man with printed copies of his Facebook posts indicating he may have attended an anti-COVID lockdown protest — six months ago.

“So, what are you here for? Are you here to serve me, or?” the man asked the officers.

The second officer appears to candidly reply: “It’s intimidation.”

The exasperated resident then sounded off on the officers’ blatant authoritarianism.

“Yeah, I know. It’s ludicrous, it’s like, sad,” the resident said, laughing in disbelief. “Where are we going in life? You’ve got the cops coming around here to tell me that I’ve been at a protest six months ago!”

“To ask you if you have been,” the first cop affirmed.

“Who gives a fuck?” the resident argued. “Why are you guys here? Why are you on my doorstep about a protest? Why? What the fuck do you want from me?”

“Because it’s illegal,” the officer claimed.

But the resident reminded her that Black Lives Matter protests occurred just “two weeks before that.”

“Was that illegal? You going off knocking on their doors? No, you’re not. Why are you working for this corrupt government? What are you guys doing? Who are you serving? Are you serving us, or are you serving the corrupt government and health officials who want no good for you? They aren’t there for you.

The officers ignored the man’s questions and again asked if he had attended a protest.

These types of incidents have been increasing in Australia in recent weeks as anti-vaccine mandate protests have been ramping up in the country.

Here’s another example of several cops showing up at a resident’s door to harass him about attending an anti-vaccine mandate protest.

“Have you gone to any protest in the past?” the policeman asked.

“No, I’m not going to answer that, you guys wouldn’t be here otherwise,” the man replied.

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