Sweden, Denmark Restrict Use Of Moderna Jab Over Risk Of Heart Inflammation, Other Side Effects

by ZeroHedge

As Dr. Fauci and other top public health officials in the US (along with their Big Pharma allies) continue to push for mandatory vaccinations for increasingly younger patients which could soon extend to babies as young as 6 months), health authorities in Sweden – which saw fewer excess deaths than its neighbors despite avoiding lockdowns during the initial wave of the COVID pandemic – have decided to stop giving the Moderna jab to anyone born in 1991 or later.

The Swedes were joined a few hours later by health authorities in Denmark, who suspended the use of Moderna’s jab in patients aged 18 and younger.

For context, the Moderna jabs were found to be more likely to cause dangerous inflammation in the heart by at least one study – to patients born in 1991 (meaning anyone 30 and younger).

“The Swedish Public Health Agency has decided to suspend the use of Moderna’s vaccine Spikevax, for everyone born 1991 and later, for precautionary reasons,” it said in a statement.

“The cause is signals of an increased risk of side effects such as myocarditis and pericarditis. However, the risk of being affected is very small.”

But the Swedes aren’t limiting use of all the mRNA jabs. Instead of the Moderna vaccine, the Swedish health agency says it’s going to recommend the Pfizer jab for people in this age range instead, as those in the age range who have already received one Moderna jab will not be receiving a second (it’s not clear whether they will be receiving a dose of Pfizer instead).

The EMA, the EU’s medicines regulator, first approved the Pfizer jab for young people back in May, while the Moderna jab was approved for children over 12 in July.

The news sent Moderna shares even lower in premarket trade.

Generally speaking, the EMA, along with local European health authorities, have been far more cautious about approving vaccines than their American counterparts, and have also imposed more restrictions related to age.

The news will likely prompt other Scandinavian health authorities to review their stance on Moderna and other jabs. After the announcements, shares of Moderna turned even lower premarket.


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