CIA Informants Overseas Get Killed, Captured or Compromised by Dozens, According to Media Citing TOP SECRET Cable

The agency’s officials have reportedly been worried about losing too many informants recruited overseas, dozens of them having been killed or captured.

The cable was sent to every CIA station and base around the world last week, according to the report from The New York Times citing officials who had seen the letter. 

Officials had looked into dozens of cases of informants over the last several years killed, captured, arrested, or compromised and turned into a double agent. 

The trouble, according to the report, is “mission over safety.” A speedy recruiting process, too much trust in sources, and undeserved promotions are all cited as processes that need to change. 

In one section of the memo, it is noted that often agents can be promoted for recruiting an informant, whether the informant proves a successful source or not. 

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