Teacher Loses Her Mind Because She Can’t Teach CRT Anymore!

This is your feel-good video of the day! Governors in red states are joining together to ban racist and divisive indoctrination from the classroom called Critical Race Theory.

This extremely unpopular propaganda that divides people by race and seeks to elevate one race over all others is not “education” but is racist dogma that has no business in publicly-funded schools.

Left-wing teachers who have been indoctrinating students with Marxist rhetoric are not happy that their ability to destroy your kids’ minds has been curtailed. One teacher in Iowa took to social media to express her unhappiness at having her poisoned tongue silenced. Hilariously, she admits that she wants to teach “divisive” garbage. Out of breath during a slow-paced walk, the teacher complains:

Today is the first time our country has recognized Juneteenth as a national holiday and yet I’m getting ready to go back to school in the fall and my governor has put into place some ridiculous legislation that many governors across the country have put in place such as I can’t teach anything divisive, I can’t teach critical race theory, and I can’t teach about racial equity.

Then she goes off the deep end and claims the children of Iowa as her own to indoctrinate how she sees fit and encourages teachers to join her to continue brainwashing “our kids” as she calls them. Lady, these are not your kids. They belong to their families and those families have a right not to have their kids force-fed racist ideology from political hacks posing as teachers. Stick to reading, writing, and arithmetic, Karen, and everyone will get along just fine.


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