Word on the Street is: Rapper DMX Received Covid Jab Before Suffering Fatal Heart Attack!

Now I am not going say we saw that coming but we have seen this coming! Almost anyone who took the covid jab is complaining about something being wrong with them! Now I want to say that these are the sheeple the holy books was talking about! The people that will be lead straight into the Pit not due to lack of information but due to the want and need to Want, Feel and Be OF THIS WORLD!

Now don’t get fucked up we all want to have fun and enjoy life! But the route that most people are taking to be accepted by everyone else, will be the downfall of 1/3 of man! Now I don’t want to seem all preachy but you Mothafuckaz need to find God before its to late! And the clock is fucking ticking!

And if you don’t believe in God, Remember DMX used to talk about how he sold his soul to the DEVIL! Remeber? The Price was Cheap! Now death has come to collect and he always get Paid!

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